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The doors may seem to be closed but we are available 24/7 if you need anything at all just call or come visit us.

The church may be a beautiful building or a simple structure, yet it is what’s inside. Is it filled with heartwarming people, people who care for one another and community. The church must be Christ centred with those who know that it is God’s grace and only his grace that we are a part of his family and saved. The church needs to be a place where those who are broken, alone, in need can come and not be judged but embraced. For all this and more is what’s  in the inspired word of God.  Crystal Ridge Church is a place where people care for people, a place filled with the love of God. Looking for a place you can come to with all of your imperfections; then look no further we are that place. we are a family type group filled with all kinds of imperfections embracing the fact that God loves us anyway because that is the kind of God he is!

Our Front Door

Our Front Door





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