Team Beacon

We are blessed with an exciting new ministry team at Crystal Ridge, not only do we have our lead pastor and his wife Kathleen for another five years, but we have added two more leaders to our portfolio. They are Trevor Longpre and his wife Nicole, and Gordon Kentie and his wife Britney. Together this team bring excitement, enthusiasm, and energy, 3 times more power than the “Energizer Bunny.”  We look forward to what God has planned for our church through this team. 2013 proves to be an exciting year with a full ministry team – look forward to great leadership and things to come to the Crystal Beach area!

Lead Pastor and wife Frank & Kathleen
  • Pastor Frank, and his wife Kathleen.
  • Our Lead couple have been at Crystal Ridge Church for 4.5 years now and look forward to serving another 5 years. These two bring a servant’s heart to the church and community; ready to wash feet metaphorically speaking. Their biggest desire is to see God glorified in everything they do along with the church. Sharing the love and hope of Christ to everyone  they come in contact with. They have four grown children along with a step son and step daughter. They are also blessed with two grandchildren that they love dearly. Kathleen is a Day Care Supervisor in Niagara Falls and knows what a busy life is all about. Our lead couple resides in the Town of Wainfleet but look forward to moving into the beautiful area of Crystal Beach.
    Assistant Pastor and wife Trevor & Nicole Longpre

    Assistant Pastor and wife Trevor & Nicole Longpre.

  • Trevor and Nicky come to us from Port Colborne. They also have four children with two of young boys still at home.